Sunday, 24 April 2011

Roman Easter

Happy Easter from Rome!
The shops have had Easter displays since I have been here

Including the religious shops, which are extremely well prepared for those occasions when emergency mass is called for

And you can even purchase your own model of the last supper..(I like the tagine)

I found a shop selling chocolate chickens (I wonder which came first?!)

And this strangely animated fish display

Here at the BSR we celebrated Easter in style too. Last night I made a lemon drizzle cake as my contribution, I had lots of help..

And Here's Alice this morning with the special Easter cake left for us for breakfast..

My friend Ellen organised a trip out for Sunday lunch to Hosteria Antica Roma a restaurant inside a tomb on the Appian Way!

It sounds a bit grim but was in fact very wonderful - as was the long walk back home.
It's another holiday here tomorrow but I shall be getting back to work..

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