Sunday, 17 April 2011

Artichoke and Architecture

Carciofo - Ha!!!

Good news that I heard over the weekend - there are going to be Italian lessons after all, for us very beginners beginners. My Italian is so completely rubbish, despite trying really hard (I tried ordering a cab phonetically over the phone on Saturday night and we were all just stood in the cold for 20 minutes while it didn't turn up) so I will be very grateful for the lessons - thank you BSR!

Still really cold all weekend - on Friday night there were 10 of us in the kitchen cooking, just trying to keep warm over the cooker, it reminded me of that scene from one of my favourite films, 'Night at the Opera' where loads of people cram into a tiny closet...

I had a cultured couple of days on Friday and Saturday visiting first the Maxxi a really F... O.. piece of architecture - it looks amazing. Among other things, they had a fantastic Rietveld show on which had just opened..

And then I went on Saturday to the Palazzo Barberini, which was completely different...

Wonderful though and I only saw half of it - they shut the Borromini staircase at weekends..

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