Sunday, 10 April 2011

Being in Rome

I have never been to Rome before and have been here a week now. I am in real danger of a bout of Stendahl's Syndrome (basically you keel over at the site of anything incredibly beautiful - it's really true!)

I have spent this first week mainly acclimatising to living here - the weather is wonderful - really hot and sunny; and making my studio a bit more like home. I've spent a lot of time exploring not only the city but the very local area around the BSR - this is outside of the zoo which is a few minutes away..

One of the first things I did do though, was put in situ my 3 month pinhole camera given to me by the wonderful Justin Quinnell

Amazing that this got through customs (it looked well dodgy in my suitcase...)

but it will stay up for the duration of my stay - I wonder if it will come out? Or what will come out??

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