Monday, 1 August 2011


I got back a month ago and doesn't it all feel such a long time ago now?

Of course, the minute we touched down not only did the control tower at Gatwick get struck by lightening but the heavens opened and there was absolutely no doubt that we were indeed in England..

Amazing how everyday events conspire to take over...My not blogging these last few weeks could be viewed that I was actually still in Rome (oh how I wish..) rather than the reality of my horrendous trawl through loads of stuff which was laying in wait for my return..

The BSR during that last week had a strange air of finality around it, as everyone artists and scholars alike were busy packing and tidying up studios and rooms.

Knowing that there was still so much that I hadn't seen or experienced, I felt that rather than racing around Rome, blindly ticking things off my list; I keep the list for next time (there will be a next time - I am determined!!) Instead, I did the things which I would have kicked myself for not doing, the day before I left...

The Museum of Modern Art (it was next door, for heaven's sake!)
Throwing a coin into the Trevi fountain
Riding on the number 19 Tram

It's the very simple, everyday things which I am missing now:

A decent cup of coffee
Saying 'Buongiorno!' to all you meet - you cannot do it properly without smiling
The view as you open the door from the top of the steps of the BSR

The blossom in the streets

Going up onto the roof and listening out for the bells on a Sunday evening, starting at 6.45pm with St Peter's bonging and then all the others radiating out over the city

The cake and gelati displays in the shops

Walking through the streets

But what I am missing most of all are my friends - the staff, artists and scholars of the BSR..