Wednesday, 13 April 2011

People at the BSR

Yesterday was spent around the School as all the spring intake of residents had to give a presentation of their projects in the evening. The presentations were fascinating and it was great to see what everyone was going to be working on - we were all really surprised to see so many connections between us and our work. Afterwards there was a small drinks reception for all the residents. The BSR is a brilliant place as once you have spent time there I think it is probably quite hard to stay away - many of the people here come back year after year and it is a really rich part of the experience to meet them all. I met someone last night who had been a scholar here in 1952 and this was his first visit back after all this time. He was with his wife and we had the most amazing conversation. They told me that although they had only been married for 7 years they both had children from their previous marriages who it turns out are each friends of mine!!

As well as studios and rooms for residents there is a communal kitchen on the studio corridor which is right next door to mine..this means that you are always bumping into different people in the kitchen - I think some of the best conversations in this place happen in that room! My coffee intake has increased considerably since arriving here..

It is good to have the kitchen though, as there is the danger of being spoilt to the point of ruin with every meal catered for. If you wanted you could have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner all prepared for you - and before each a bell is rung, it's a bit like being at school - wierdly comforting! I tend to have dinner about 3 times a week so that I can catch up with the academics who I wouldn't normally meet (except in the kitchen). I do a lot of my shooting around dusk time and this can clash with dinner and I'm usually out and about around lunch time..

Here is Rich frying his eggs..

He assures me that the sunglasses are to protect against the fat spitting - I totally approve of his risk management strategy...

Here is my lovely new friend Alba in the kitchen - she is trying to teach me Italian - she is a very patient lady...

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