Monday, 11 April 2011

What the best dressed priests are wearing

Today I had a lovely surprise - a beautiful bunch of flowers from George..It is our anniversary today - 24 years, a long time, although it doesn't feel like it...It's sad not to be together today but I'm looking forward to seeing him in early May.

On a different note and totally unrelated - I have found my first odd sock in Rome

I found it on the roof when I was hanging out my washing. This is brilliant because now I can begin my grotto to St Anthony; I was wondering where I would find all the odd socks I need to construct it. I hope I find more than one...

Speaking of things religious, I knew there would be a lot of nuns in Rome - but I haven't seen too many of them; I have seen an awful lot of priests though, which I shouldn't really be so surprised about. They are all incredibly young! (Note to self: does this mean I am getting old? Are priests here, like policemen at home??)
And they are very tidy as well, all the priests I remember were exactly like the ones from Father Ted...

Here's what the best dressed priests are all wearing this spring

And the nuns...

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