Thursday, 14 April 2011

The cult of F

Well! Things are hotting up around here (except it's suddenly turned seasonally normal and cold, so socks back on)

Having spent quite a lot of time these last ten days hobnobbing with historians and archaeologists etc., I have been hearing an awful lot about ancient cults, rituals and sites including a very interesting talk last night by Stephen Heyworth about the Roman Calendar and Topography. Stephen has been very kindly feeding me snippets from Ovid's Fasti which mentions Roman superstitions (just what I'm looking for) he has promised me some Horace too - can't wait!

Anyway, it seems, once a Roman always a Roman... (these people can't help themselves) - there are cults even now springing up all over the place. I have discovered one - RIGHT HERE!!

I can't say any more just now but from what I am hearing (I am going to call it The Cult of F) it has it's Head Quarters (...or Temple) upstairs somewhere - I have been told to search for the secret sign on the door, (ancient roman behaviour: I rest my case) more later...

(Sign of cult activity...)

What else happened yesterday? Hmm, well I caught Peter's cold didn't I?! This is what happens when you hang out with cool people in the kitchen (too cool by halves, I'd say..)

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