Thursday, 7 April 2011

Starting out..

Studio view on my first morning..

Another view..

I have had already, some amazing conversations with some of the other Scholars. As well as 6 other artists there are a lot of historians and archaeologists. I'm still meeting new ones every day..

Here's an example of a typical conversation from two days ago:

Archaeologist 1: I'm really into bricks (roman ones of course)
Archaeologist 2: Oohh do you like bricks? I rather prefer concrete..What about you Sian?
Me:Well I haven't really thought about it much but actually I do quite like concrete and bricks of course, too.
A2: But what do you think about lead? Do you like lead?
A1: Oh I just LOVE lead...

1st April on the way to the airport, on a grey and drizzly morning it felt full of italian promise..

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