Monday, 16 May 2011

Tempting fate..

I hate to admit it and despite my attempts at insouciance, I am actually a bit superstitious myself. This last Friday was the 13th May. I don't actually know where it comes from but when I was at school, everyone had a thing about not wearing green on Friday 13th; I never have until now...I was a bit surprised at myself, as I actually found myself hesitating before putting my (green) cardigan on!!

Anyway, I decided that I should tempt some fate - so armed with green clothing and all the geen objects that I could find (the schoolgirl superstition also involved not touching green things either..)

I really didn't want to put that (green) umbrella up in my studio

I made myself hold it up for 13 seconds too..

and nothing happened at all, after that.......all day!

Later on a whole lot of us went off to Otricoli in Umbria in the evening. We had been invited by Count Enrico Floridi to attend the Festival of San Vittore. Every year on 13th May, they hold a recreation of the martyrdom of San Vittore, a local saint who, although martyred in Egypt in the 2nd century, had his body transferred in the 14th century to Otricoli in Umbria (about an hour and half’s drive from Rome), where its arrival by boat is recreated. There are also Roman remains nearby and the wonderful Sophie Hay, an archeology specialist based at the BSR, who actually worked on this site gave us a tour of them

It was magical..

and wonderful to be in the countryside again..

After that we met with the Floridi family - who were delightful and so kind, giving us Aperitivi on their terrace, looking out onto the hill town of Otricoli as the sun went down..

We then went with them to the old town and had the most amazing rustic dinner in one of the restaurants there. The whole town was beautiful and lit with candles all along the streets.

Apparently poor San Vittore was martyred more than once as every time they tried to kill him he wouldn't die... We missed a bit of the ceremony but caught up with the procession as they brought him back to the church..

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  1. Hi Sian

    I like your superstition piece, but if your in Italy, I think if I remember right Friday 17th is unlucky with them, so watch out next month.
    I by the way is very superstitious, ie ladders, magpies, black cats and Friday 13th.

    Keep up the great work.

    all the best