Friday, 6 May 2011

Open studios & health tips from Pliny the Elder

Last night was the opening for the Road to Roma Art Fair. Today and yesterday as a side project there has been an open studio event for interested visitors from the art fair to come and see the work being produced in all the foreign academies here. It's been very good to have a pause and take stock a bit, especially as there is only another five weeks until our exhibition here which opens on June 10th.

Consequently while waiting for visitors to arrive it wasn't possible to make work, so I took the opportunity to continue my research away from the library. I have been reading some of Pliny the Elder's Natural History; it's quite a large work in 10 volumes. The one I need apparently is book 30 in volume 8 so while I am waiting for that, I have been going through the others. It's lovely to read, especially his books on gardening and vegetables and remedies for diseases.

Here's an example:

'I find that a heavy cold clears up if the sufferer kisses a mules muzzle' NH30.31

And how about this one from NH24.59

'...Care must be taken even with happy treatment, not to administer hellebore on a cloudy day; for to do so is followed by unbearable torture.'

A nice context then, in which to walk through the ancient city yesterday evening, on the way to the art fair opening...

...And the light was beautiful

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