Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Beatification of JPII

Well, it's been a while since you've seen the feet..I had a contretemps with the cobbles and this is the result.
Actually, incredibly handy (??) this weekend for mingling with pilgrims, nuns and priests.

Today was the beatification of Pope John Paul II. Rome has been going berserk for weeks now and I have been doing some gentle documentation..

I have been noticing how he is being portrayed - brilliant with young children and an ace footballer

wonderful with animals

and he is everywhere!

The city has been swelling these last few days with people from all over the world
I was in the Vatican museums on Friday and found myself stalking pilgrims..

I couldn't help it..

Today was the actual Beatification - I watched some of it online and then walked over to see what I could see around the Vatican. This is near to the BSR - they had these help points all over the city, giving maps away for free with bottles of water

The crowds wew quite sparse at first

but increased the closer you got to the Vatican

Didn't I seen the woman at the bottom before?

In the Vatican Museum??


There was a real air of calm about the whole thing today and everything felt extremely good natured

(I don't know why but I find myself drawn to nuns...)

I was amazed at the quantity of refuse everywhere - which nobody seemed to mind..

Although the City council was doing it's best to keep things clear

And they were looking after everyone with free fruit, water and first aid points..

There was also the noise, which I can't convey here - a constant drone of helicopters circling overhead mixed with the sound of religious muzak blaring out. Plus there was an almighty queue to get to St Peter's Square - I decided that I had seen enough, so I took my lead from a bunch of priests and went home..

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