Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Rome Earthquake Prediction!

George and I arrived back late last night and bumped into Peter in the kitchen - we mentioned that we had noticed loads of people in the park (it's normally empty and a bit scary - although I gather now that I'm actually quite safe at night there and it is the likes of George who have to watch out!). Anyway, Peter explained that owing to a prediction made some time ago by Raffaele Bendandi (who died some years ago) stating that an earthquake would wipe out the whole of Rome on May 11th 2011, this was why the park was full of people because no-one felt safe in a building..

All day everyone here has been on the look out for signs of seismic activity. We were not disappointed, when just two hours ago at dinner - this happened...

The glass really was moving and very mysteriously too (although I have never had a better excuse than this for camera shake...) I would guess that it was probably 0.00005 on the richter scale... although I probably should be a bit more careful as, as I write, it is still 11th May..

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