Sunday, 15 May 2011

Collaborating with St Anthony II

Interestingly, now that I have accepted that the sock situation is probably going to be a little limited, or as I like to think - exclusive - St Anthony hasn't let me down, since he is going great guns on the umbrella front..

..I'm sure I shall think up something to do with them...

The other thing that I am beginning to notice increasingly though, is a number of mechanically challenged bicycles - I have got my eye on one on the route to Flaminia Metro station..It is tethered at the moment but there's probably nothing to stop me enhancing it with a couple of umbrellas and my five socks now, is there?

However, I am rather pleased with the way that the sock situation is developing. This blog has now become a sort of Agency for people who through no fault of their own, have been forced to go sockless (or worse socked but mismatched!) St Ant (I think we're familiar enough now) and I, now find ourselves in this public service role for the retrieval and repatriation of sock to owner...I think we should have a name to call ourselves; what do you think? Sokulike perhaps or Fiveleftfeet??

This has all come about since last week, when Joey (Bryniarska lovely Sainsbury Scholar) had checked out my blog, she was looking for a decent carciofo recipe (how cool is that?!) But also discovered at the same time that the recently featured half sock was actually hers. Obviously, I returned it but that was the day that St Ant found me the black (completely clapped out) umbrella - so I did feel it was a fair swap...Anyway, Joey very generously, said that she had two other odd socks and would I like those..

I gratefully accepted and what do you know - I then found another one which had been hanging around the laundry room for over two weeks...(dangerous with me and St Ant on the loose..)

Now I've got five..

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