Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Marmite/Vegemite Ban!

The conversation over breakfast this morning has been dominated by the announcement of the ban of Marmite AND Vegemite in Denmark!

It led to a long discourse on what the ban of these foodstuffs might mean? Would visitors to Denmark be banned from entering the country if they were carrying it for their own consumption - so that it could be like some kind of soft drug law? Will there now be sniffer dogs trained to detect traces around a person - could it be smuggled in one's socks? You could even disguise tubes of Marmite/Vegemite and pretend they were toothpaste (could give one a bit of a surprise first thing in the morning)..

Or if there is a complete ban, then it opens the floodgates for black (or rather brown) market activity... Already we are preparing our own Cartel, calling a truce on Marmite-Vegemite wars and joining together in common pursuit of dark, salty sticky stuff to spread on our toast all over the globe..

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