Saturday, 25 June 2011

Collaboration with St Anthony IV

I rather thought that St Anthony had given up on our collaboration but I just wasn't noticing properly..I expect my mind was elsewhere for a while, finishing work off etc.

Anyway, I got a little nudge recently when I almost fell over this

not only was it perfectly positioned along the single yellow line but it was totally incongruous, being seafaring footware bang smack in the middle of Rome (where believe me, no-one would be seen dead wearing such an article!)

I immediately knew that St Ant was back...I began to look out for other signs

I didn't feel I could add much to either of these as it was doubtful that even if they were reunited with their owners - who would want them?

St Anthony has been finding me all sorts of odd things recently though

(he does seem to have a thing about road signage at the moment..)

These are no good without their sides (or lenses)...

I'm not sure what I can do with any of these - apart from just take notice of them...

Right now, I'm packing (which I really hate) and over the next two (last) days I must think of something to do with the items he found for me here at the BSR - already my umbrellas have multiplied

And this is the last sock - found today...

Sock grotto..

..had to be done really...(umbrella one tomorrow..)

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