Tuesday, 7 June 2011

More from the cult of F...

Well, although you haven't heard much of late about any cult activity - it doesn't mean that it hasn't been going on..I can tell you categorically of at least two missions which I heard of within the last four weeks; at level P (for Prunella - that's actually pretty serious...).

I have been noticing that all the corridors in the BSR have cupboards in them

and what's more

they are all locked

with padlocks..

what's that all about??

And while I am trying to puzzle that one out, I have been on a serious hunt for the C of F HQ...

I thought I had found it but it turned out just to be someone's room.

So I did some more serious lateral thinking and realised that 13 is far too contemporary to be Roman so

this has to be it! You can't get more Roman than the ides now, can you?

Anyway, I can't tell you any more as I have been sworn to secrecy as a new cult member. I accidently stumbled across some Agents while I was doing my detective work around the place, they have been following me for weeks and are now threatening me with all sorts (licorice - much worse than vegemite...)

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