Saturday, 11 June 2011

Checking out the competition...

On Thursday a few of us went along to the German Academy open studios and party. We were joined by Kamathi Donkor who has just been awarded the Derek Hill Scholarship and John Gill who is Chair of the Fine Art faculty at BSR who also arrived at the same time. Kamathi had come for a pre-visit prior to taking up his scholarship in October.

I think it is a brilliant idea for new scholars to visit beforehand to get a taste of what happens here and it was lovely to meet him; I think he will be in my studio when he comes, it's a lovely studio and we all wish him the very best for his time here, we know he is in for a real treat...

It was wonderful to see John and to drag him out with us - he is always very much in demand by everyone (the Academics got in quick and introduced him to a couple of episodes of BL earlier in the evening..)

The German Academy was incredible - really beautiful studios in a lovely setting with grounds

Here they are on the left of this image..

I wouldn't normally show myself on the blog but we really are beginning to feel a weird kind of end of term feeling - strange how this always manifests itself in an increase of photo activity..

That aside - I was very pleased to see that standards were being upheld regarding German male attire...

And it was interesting to see what was being produced in the studios. Here's something that caught my eye..

Again, happily our overall feeling was that one could be almost too scared to make a mess in these studios, as they were so perfect in design and pristine - there is something rather special about our rather lived-in and knocked-about-the-edges studios which positively encourage mess-making, mud-pies and creativity.

The after-show party was held in a different part of the grounds. The scale of it was incredible..

..and they had the most enormous buffet.
You could eat anything as long as it was meat (and bread)!! I did look for vegetables but gave up quite quickly when I discovered that the only veg was chips..

We still had a really good time

The next night (last night ) was our own opening, I'll tell you all about that tomorrow...

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